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What is a publicity agency?

The challenge for any publicity agency is to create awareness for its clients’ products and services. It strives to build brands and strengthen corporate identity.

Who can benefit from using a publicity agent or a commercial news agency?

Commercial success is predicated on the ability to effectively promote products and services. There is fierce competition in the commercial world and few companies can survive on word of mouth recommendation alone.

Publicity generated by news articles differs from advertisement placement. It’s far more subtle. It is not a straightforward ‘paid-for plug’ for products or services, rather a distinctive editorial approach that cleverly integrates a corporate message within an article that its target audience actually wants to read. Well-written copy can help create and enhance any organisation’s reputation.

Small Business Publicity

Many small businesses know what they want to achieve but don’t know how to get there. Wordengineers.com will guide you from start to finish. We can help promote your product or service and develop your brand.

Budget constraints make it essential that your investment in marketing provides cost-efficient results. Wordengineers.com has a proven track record with a media exposure success rate of over 90%. …. That’s 87% higher than the industry average.

A commercial news agency like Wordengineers can also increase media exposure through "Voice of Industry" profiling. Whenever an experienced and professional opinion is required in your area of expertise both you and your views can be offered to the media .

E.g: If BBC Newsnight’s Jeremy Paxman needs a comment on a topical event in the world of aviation he might request an interview with a ‘VOI’ such as Sir Richard Branson.

Larger corporates

Large businesses have an equally important need to generate awareness of new products and services. They also need to maintain a positive public image in line with current trends and developments.
And ethical values that underpin large organisations must be constantly percolated through to their publics via the media, if they are to maintain their position in the jungle of the commercial ‘food chain.‘

The Solution

Whatever your size, Wordengineers.com provides cost-effective business solutions. We build publicity through consumer press, trade titles and broadcast media. And we also create advertising copy, mail shots and marketing letters to effectively disseminate your message. We are a nationwide network of skilled journalists and editors with a proven track record of results.

Where appropriate we will work with marketing managers to create editorial ‘hits’ around specific marcoms campaigns.

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