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newsletters: do they work?

Using Newsletters For Business DevelopmentYes they do.

Using newseletters for business development

Newsletters, in both hard copy and electronic (e-newsletters) formats can be a highly cost-effective and efficient communications channel.

They create a fresh stage on which a company’s plans, successes and aspirations can be played out to a wide and captive audience.

Journalists at wordengineers.com have decades of combined experience crafting and copywriting newsletters for clients and companies of all sizes from SMEs to Blue Chip corporates.

It’s about creating awareness.

A well-written and designed newsletter ensures you maintain regular contact with your customers – and over 50% of customer newsletter readers say they are more likely to buy products they have seen featured or advertised in newsletters.

(Vibrant internal newsletters can also be an important tool in motivating staff and keeping them up to date with company strategy)

Recruitment Agency Group

Forties People MD Spencer Jacobs is an award-winning age diversity campaigner running agency branches in London and Watford.

He called wordengineers.com to help him deliver his ‘Employ Mature Staff’ message to corporate clients across London and Hertfordshire.

Part of the solution was the introduction of NEW RECRUIT - an online AND hard copy newsletter emailed and mailed to hundreds of clients and potential clients.

The content formula provided not only latest information about the agency’s services and future plans but also a platform for Spencer Jacobs to evangelise his views on age discrimination in the UK workplace.

The launch has been a great success.

Said Jacobs: “We needed a fresh approach to reaching out to our clients. New Recruit is the answer. The newsletter has created an exciting new dimension and offers real added value to our service. It has provided the group with increased credibility in our marketplace. Client feedback has been excellent.”

Could a newsletter do the same for you?

Using newsletters for business development: Contact us now to find out more about our newsletter copywriting services.

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