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Increase in Business Using Publicity - Professional Copywriting ServiceIs All Publicity Good Publicity?

News has been defined as ‘What someone, somewhere doesn’t want in the paper’
But in these days of 24 hour rolling news on demand, reality TV ‘instant celebrity’ and an environment where culpability (and resignation issues) seem to be old-fashioned and even obsolete, it’s increasingly difficult to envisage negative news as having lasting effects on a whimsical population.

You can be exposed as a cocaine-sniffing supermodel one day and be awarded meg-modelling contracts the day after.

In the corporate world though, damage limitation and crisis management is a growing and often vital element of a PR brief.

When something happens that could affect a company’s share price and its earnings capability it’s vital to respond quickly – and professionally.

Companies, regardless of size, should have the safety net of a corporate crisis management plan which will outline reaction protocol to operational, security and customer related crises.
E.g.: In a hypothetical scenario a major manufacturer has experienced a major plant failure and could face serious disruption and associated environmental and safety issues.

This is all bad news.

It must be managed expediently by the company’s management and its PR resources.
Damage limitation will involve a nominated corporate spokesperson to be available quickly to talk to the press.

That spokesperson will outline concern for any people involved and for the environment.
He or she will commit to ascertain the cause of the crisis and put it right as soon as possible and he or she will demonstrate that the company has very quickly assumed control of the situation.

If the crisis management plan is put into operation swiftly the company can quickly regain its footing and transform a potentially devastating situation into a positive response enabling a spokesperson to tell the press; “Yes we’ve had a problem but we have a well-rehearsed plan of action for an event of this kind. We’re dealing with it and we’re dealing with it professionally”

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CASE STUDY: Seward Developments

Essex-based millionaire developer Gary Seward called in wordengineers.com after falling victim to persistent negative rumour-mongering following the failure of a long-established (third party) construction company – and his subsequent decision to try and save jobs and contracts.

Within 24 hours wordengineers.com had gained headlines in local papers, effectively quashing all damaging rumours.

A few weeks later another news opportunity presented itself when Mr Seward’s company stepped in to ensure a state of the art cancer-treating linear accelerator was installed on time at a local hospital, following earlier contractual challenges faced by the hospital trust.

Said Seward: “It was a double whammy for us - thanks to wordengineers.com.
The news coverage we attracted with the first story completely vindicated our actions in trying to save jobs and contracts at the failed construction company.

Then we got another big hit a few weeks later when we were able to ensure the precision-driven hospital work was completed on time.”

He added: “wordengineers.com not only succeeded in limiting the damage caused by erroneous rumours but then created a ‘white knight’ story about us with an entirely new approach.”

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