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Press Release Service

press release service

A press release is an announcement of an event, a new product or service, or other newsworthy item, issued to all relevant media.

A successful press release writing campaign will boost the credibility of your company. Editors invariably put more trust in copy received from professional journalists like themselves.
And if your commercial message achieves editorial exposure it is appreciated by readers as being far more objective than an advertisement…PLUS it is proven to be up to five times more effective.

So what exactly is news?

News has been appropriately described as ‘a record of change in the life of a society, a record of events and incidents, achievements and defeats, arrivals and departures. It is an account of a wide range of developments, some of which may touch directly on the lives of readers, viewers or listeners, while others touch their imagination’.

What isn’t news?

In short, straightforward advertising messages – editors hate them. The only place these ‘press releases’ are bound is the bin. Successful press releases combine a subtle message within a story that will capture the public’s interest.

How do you create an effective press release?

The heading and intro are vital.

Press releases need to provoke, stand out, and differentiate themselves from other submissions.

Every word must count. Short sentences are key. Less is more.

They should include the ‘what, why, when, where how and who’.

Leave out over-technical or boring bits, as well as uncommon words.

Pay strict attention to deadlines.

The Wordengineers Press Release Service: Step by Step

1: You call us or email us at the wordengineers.com newsroom HQ.

2: We arrange to interview relevant spokespeople and background information providers.

3: Where relevant we also collate imagery. You can submit it to us or you can take advantage of our database of award-winning professional photographers who will work quickly to create meaningful professional images to supplement your news copy (Click on ‘the proof’ for examples of how quality images can help secure priceless editorial space)

4: After the interviews we develop hard news (or news/feature) material based around your products or services.

5: We submit to you for clearance.

6: Then we use state of the art software to target every editor we determine relevant to your industry sector; both trade and consumer broadcast and/or printed page media.

7: We submit your news to named news editors and editors.

8: If you wish we can monitor results and follow up with a cuttings service. That’s it. No day-long meetings with PRs who have never been near a news desk.

No fat cat retainers. Just rapid execution of your brief by professionals. Try us.

Thinking of doing it yourself? Read this:

Anybody can put words on paper and submit them to an editor. But it’s a waste of time if they never get published.

97% of all press releases never get used. But an estimated 90% of all client news and feature messaging created by wordengineers.com founder Trevor Lansdown over the past 15 years has been published. That’s an 87% improvement on the industry norm.

Amateur writers can alienate editors with badly written copy. Editors respond well to submissions by journalists and will instantly recognise a professionally written article.

You must also consider the legal implications of writing inaccurate information. Working with Wordengineers.com will ensure newsworthy articles are submitted correctly, safely and professionally. We have over 14 years experience, writing, managing and distributing commercial press releases.

Press Release Service - Contact us now without obligation to discuss your business needs.

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