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what it costs . . .

10% discount on the first brief

For more details call or email us now.

With wordengineers you only pay for a press release service and a commercial news agency input when you need it. You don’t need to pay us monthly retainers.

We provide a rapid, precise and tailor-made press release and media messaging solution at highly competitive rates – and we guarantee that only experienced and skilled professionals will craft your business message (No juniors. No PRs with little or no journalistic training)

Each client commission will have its own unique time input requirement.

Once we have an outline brief we will give you an immediate total time estimate which will include the following: briefing time, research, key person interviews, copy creation and client clearance, media research and fulfilment to named editors through our advanced and precision-targeted press release distribution service.

We will develop, package and distribute your news within minutes of copy sign-off.

Many clients are making big savings on their PR budgets by using top media relations consultants at wordengineers on an hourly or daily project basis.

And here’s some more good news:

All website customers will receive a 10% discount on the first commission.

For more details call or email us now


We call wordengineers.com they get us the exposure we need for our products. And they do it quickly and cost efficiently. It's as simple as that.

Claes Jeppsson,
European manager

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