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Corporate Magazines - Professional Feature WritingWhat's the point of them?

Professionally produced corporate magazines are compelling and persuasive additions to the standard commercial marketing mix.

They demonstrate financial commitment, bestow enviable status and add ‘Look at me’ gravitas to any corporate proposition.

Expert use of quality imagery and finely-tuned, energetic, exciting copy showcasing the company’s products, services and achievements, will provide a tangible, visual and memorable link between an organisation and its publics.

CASE STUDY - Kodak Professional

Kodak Professional needed to find a way to communicate with young photographers – the future of the professional imaging industry.

The solution needed to be cool and funky but still capable of selling the Kodak message about goods and services.

wordengineers.com worked with the Kodak marketing team to develop Agitate, a new magazine to be mailed direct to a Kodak database of young student photographers.

We interviewed aspirational photographers working in a wide range of photo-disciplines including fashion, advertising and press.

We showed them what their counterparts in Europe were doing. We helped construct meaningful competitions aimed at helping young photographers in the early stages of their careers. We evangelised UK photo organisations like the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP), the Master Photographers Association (MPA) and the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) encouraging membership – and we built-in latest news about Kodak Professional products.

Said Kodak’s marketing manager Clare Bruce: “Agitate was a leap forward in our attempts to reach out to a younger audience. We really hit the mark with superb imagery and excellent copy.”

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